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Got my tickets thank you for all you have done for usit was a Slipknot Minneapolis 09 Shirt great night for you. Has taken justice the very foundation of this country and trashed it our justice system is broke the democrats have shown that the end justify the means in their complete opposition to trump great strategy by stones lawyers allow a vetted jury with known ties to the democratic party as a candidate now demand a retrial or gave trump a reason to pardon him roy cohn taught stone and trump wellwhy you think theres so many overturns of judgements when the defendant is black and the jury is all white same thing roger stone is slime. The democrats have spent the last three years of there timeand tax payers money to also include doing nothing for there districts it showed during president trumps state of see more we had to put up with obama for years and all he did was play golf on our dollars and spend trillions on a health care plan that was supposed to be affordable not so now that we have a wonderful presidentall you dems are butt hurt trump

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