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They are stalling because they have nothing ad they are desperately trying to find something to bring to The I’m Rylee Shirt senate. This is now becoming entertaining trump dr death mcconnell pretty much has insured the senate will be biased thats exactly. What i cant understand what is wrong with them democrats good question hopefully the senate will have a more fair. Whatever this situation is than pelosi and schiff allowed in the house only the senate can give a trial the. House indicted or impeached on articles there was no trial yet i think the senate trial willshould be every bit.

I'm Rylee Sweater

I’m Rylee Sweater

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As fair as The I’m Rylee Shirt house trial fair trial hmmm the reason the term exists is in a fair trial the. Accused is the one supposed to be awarded the fairness prevented from being railroaded by an overzealous prosecution such as. What happened in the house impeachment proceedings not fairness for prosecutors these people know nothing of fairness thats true since. You wouldnt let any body testify or documents be shown thats as fair as you get how exactly do you. Impeach a president in congress without solid evidence to hand over to the senate you are a god send i.

I'm Rylee Tank Top

I’m Rylee Tank Top

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Feel blessed to have you running our country i trust your decisions after all you didnt need any of this. You were doing wonderful on your own for taking on this huge taski thank you i thank your family u. Mean impeachment inquiry in The I’m Rylee Shirt house cuz the senate holds the trail from the findings of the congressional inquiry but. Hey lets not state things correctly to make it sound worse i would say screw a trial manager who ever. Heard of that nonsense everyone in the senate is a lawyer should be as quick as a mistrial due to.

I'm Rylee Longsleeve

I’m Rylee Longsleeve

The lack of due process from The I’m Rylee Shirt house all charges dismissed laid to rest and done all those people in. The house who voted for this impeachment sham should be charged with fraud and defamation of character if they actually. Had a case they would have sent the articles to the senate a long time ago they are just a. Bunch of crooked whiny babies that didnt get their way the last election so they have to do whatever they. Have to do to take him down gd will make things right keep thy faith these democrats need to understand.

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I’m Rylee Hoodie