Florida State New Blood Shirt

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The office of the president and this country by the democrats is to put it in their words overwhelming your strength to persevere through these vicious degrading attacks and your resilienceseemore this was crime plan and simple it was coordinated with the help of cnn and the dnc along with the previous heads of the fbi cia and nsa its time to prosecute these people that includes news agencies that willingly promoted this nonsense that csee more as ag jeff sessions could have put an Florida State New Blood Shirt end to this nonsense on day one. You better groom someone now soin yrs we have another awsome president in office michelle gellaschjohnson. Thank you great speech you gave your campaign agenda perfect call everyone was watching the dems just handed you the next years on the silver platter with the gold pens they were flaunting at the signing of the fake impeachment letsgo

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